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Privacy Policy

What information do I collect and how?

Your name, address, email address and contact numbers along with the any product you are ordering/commissioning and the cost of the product are the only pieces of data that I collect. You provide me with this information at point of sale on my online shop or by communication with me via phone, email, letter, social media messages or by filling in my contact me form in my online shop.

What information do I store and how?

From sales in my shop and commissions that I take for one of a kind pieces, I store customer information such as name, postal address, email address and contact numbers. This information is stored in my Big Cartel shop database as part of the sales record and/or on my password protected PC in a customer file that is also password protected and remains in my home at all times. I do not store any of your financial information. If you pay online, by credit or debit card, by Paypal or by bank transfer your sensitive financial details are only ever passed to the relevant processing company and never to me or to anyone else.

Where possible I permanently delete any customer information such as names and addresses held on my PC unless I need them for business records to do with my yearly tax returns. I am obliged to keep records for the past 5 financial years.

What can you do about the information I store about you?

If you wish to know what information I hold about you please contact me.  You can to ask me to reveal, delete or amend information that I hold.

What do I do with information about you that I hold?

Aside from using the information to complete sales orders that you have placed with me or to provide evidence of my income and work-related expenses for my business tax purposes, I do absolutely nothing with your data. I will never pass your information on to another party, for any reason, ever.