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About me

Hello, I’m Tara Slater the owner and creator behind TLSKiwi (or The Lesser Spotted Kiwi for long!). I am, as you may have guessed, originally from New Zealand but I have made the UK my home since 1990 and I currently live in Hertfordshire and work from my home studio.

Although I have spent a lot of my life working in science or technology based industries, I have always been a creative at heart and in 2009 I started my own business working from home designing and creating wedding stationery (something I still do) and slowly this morphed into spending more time on other arts and crafts. The vast majority of my work involves animals as they are also a passion for me. My range of handsewn small animal tunnels, for example, came about through both a love of fabric and the constant nagging of my 8 guinea pigs who demand being spoiled. If, like me, you are a slave now, or have ever been a slave, to guinea pigs you will know how noisy they can be when they want something!

I love painting and drawing and you will see a few of these pop up in my shop from time to time, and I also use the traditional print methods that I use for my wedding stationery to produce some lovely letterpress or hand-stamped prints. I also love to create in 3D with various clays, or more recently by needle felting with wool.

Some creatives embrace one art form over others and focus in on that, but for me variety is the spice of life and I enjoy meandering from one form to another, trying out different mediums and materials. There may come a day where I narrow my focus down but for now my shop will be a little bit of an arts and crafts smorgasbord.

I have a Facebook group The Lesser Spotted People that is open to anyone who is interested in hanging out with some other lovely TLSKiwi followers and having a chat about things.  Posting animal cuteness is highly encouraged!  It’s also where I put the most regular updates as to what I am up to and what you might expect to see coming up in my shop.